Hacker Prices | Hacker Fees

    Process - Step by Step

  • Initial Contact:
    Once you've reviewed our Prices and Services, use our encrypted contact form to send us a message.
    Leave as much information as you feel comfortable with.
  • Follow-Up:
    Reply times range from a just a few minutes to a few hours depending on how busy we are at the moment.
    The handler's job is to understand exactly what you need, collect and verify information, answer all your questions and guide you through the entire process.
  • Retainer/Deposit:
    Before we start any job, a 50% retainer in cryptocurrency will be required.
    Not only does this quickly filter out the disingenuous and financially unqualified but, more importantly, it prevents law enforcement from attempting to probe our organization.
    However, we fully support official third-party escrow services.
  • Results and Balance:
    Once we've completed the job, and you've verified the results, the balance becomes due and payable.
    Failure to pay the balance within the pre-agreed time will result in unspecified repercussions.
  • Data Purge:
    Once our business together is concluded, everything about you, your target and the task itself are securely deleted off of our systems. All data is irretrievable, even by us.


  • Children are off limits (-21).
  • Celebrities & politicians are off limits.
  • Stalkers and perverts are not welcome.
  • No wet work services.


Anybody who tells you that they can hack anything, all of the time is either delusional or a scammer.
Hacking, by it's very nature is doing something against a target that was designed not to be hacked. The success of any hack is directly dependent on many factors. Factors that are usually unknown until you're far into the hack.

However, we guarantee that if you've provided us with the correct information and did not try to deceive us in anyway, we will successfully complete the job or refund your deposit.