Terms and Conditions

  • Initial Contact: Once you've read these Terms and made sure that you can afford our services (price list); the next step is to reach out to us by filling out the secured (contact form) on our main page.
    Fully describe what you need done and make sure to include the target's information.
    Extremely vague and incoherent requests will be ignored.
  • Follow-Up: The handler's will try to assess you and your request's sincerity and conceivability.
    The handler will try to fully understand your needs, verify the information you've provided, answer any questions that you may have as well as provide you with an estimated time of completion (ETC).
    Once everything is clear to all, you will receive a personalized escrow account number for your deposit.
  • Deposit: As with all professional services, a down payment will be required. This is obviously non-negotiable.
    We require a 50% down payment in cryptocurrency.
    We recommend that customers explore their Bitcoin sending options prior to contacting us.
  • While We're Working: We ask that you do not interfere technically or emotionally. Don't taunt, warn or otherwise alert the target. Avoid posting comments, sending incriminating texts or otherwise. Rest assured that we will contact you immediately upon any developments.
  • Conclusion: Once we've completed the task, we'll send you an encrypted file containing the results for your inspection. Once you've confirmed the contents, the balance of the fee (the remaining 50%) is now due and payable to the same account as the deposit.
  • Security Wipe: Once the final balance is received by us, everything about you, your target, the task is securely deleted off of our servers. We recommend that you do the same. Business concluded.


  • We will not work for or against any juveniles ie: under 18 years of age.
  • We will not work for or against any sovereign government, military or law enforcement agency.
  • We will not provide or assist with any type of wet-work whatsoever.
  • We will not work against any humanitarian or ecological organizations.
  • We will not communicate with anyone other than by our encrypted Email server.
  • Sorry, we do not mentor, teach or take on students.

Guarantee and Refunds

We guarantee that if the information that you've provided originally is valid and current, we will successfully complete the task or refund your deposit in it's entirety.
However, should the initial information be erroneous or deceptive; we reserve the right to keep the deposit as compensation for the work.