Price List updated 01.01.2021

Prices are based in United States Dollar (USD), payable in cryptocurrency.   Google Currency Converter

Hacker prices vs Scammers prices

Why are our prices higher than others, you may ask?
The answer is simple; we're professional hackers, not scammers.

When you see someone advertising complex shadow services for less than the cost of a fast-food meal, something is obviously amiss.
Another unmistakable sign that you're dealing with a scammer is in their communication skills because, illiteracy is not an attribute of expert software engineers. Ask questions and use common sense.

Mobile Phone Remote Access (RA) and Cloning

  • iPhone RA: $500 USD/week
  • Android RA: $400 USD/week
  • SIM Swap (not all countries available): $500
  • WhatsApp: Requires RA or SIM swap
  • Signal Messenger: Requires RA or SIM swap
  • Telegram: Requires RA or SIM swap
  • ThreeMa: Requires RA or SIM swap

SMTP & FTP Hacking

  • Gmail Account Access: $500
  • Yahoo Account Access: $300
  • MSN Account Access: $700
  • Yandex Account Access: $250
  • Random SMTP Access: $500+
  • FTP Account Access: $500+
  • DDoS Attacks: $250/24hr

Custom made premium Viruses & Malware

  • Boot Virus & Root Kits: $1000+
  • Multipartite Virus: $1500
  • Remote access Trojans (RATs): $1500
  • Direct Action & Resident Viruses: $2000
  • Polymorphic Viruses: $2500
  • Crypto/Locker/Leaking Ransomware: $3000

Social Media Access or Reset

  • FaceBook Access/Reset: $350
  • Pinterest Access: $300
  • SnapChat Access: $325
  • Twitter Access: $350
  • YouTube Access: $500
  • LinkedIn Access: $200
  • WeChat Access: $500
  • Instagram Access: $225

Miscellaneous Hacks and Services

  • US/Canada Credit Report Editing: $2500
  • Education facilities transcripts & grades editing: $1000+
  • PC / Laptop Hacking/Destruction: $500
  • Identity Trace (real identity from Internet identity): $500+
  • Revenge Attacks (Pain is proportionate to cost): $500 - ∞
  • Company / Corporate Attacks: $1000 - ∞

Authenticator Bypass

  • SMS Two-Factor Auth (2FA): $500
  • Push-based Authenticator: $600
  • Authenticator App / TOTP 2FA: $750
  • Universal 2nd Factor (U2F): $5000
  • FIDO U2F / Security Keys: Not available...yet
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Not available...yet

•Remote Access (RA) is a prolonged Internet-based access to a compromised mobile device through the use of easy-to-use software on a secured private website. Basically, you log into a website and access the infected device and you can view, edit and manipulate the device for a pre-determined amount of time.
Telephone calls and SMS however, are not effected by RA although they can be deactivated.

•SIM Swap is the process of cloning a phone on the cell phone provider level. All calls and SMS are rerouted to the cloned phone. The SIM swapped phone's data can be downloaded however it, nor the apps can be edited or observed in real-time.

•Authenticator Bypass The most common way we bypass authenticator protocols are by hijacking the target's phone such as with remote access or SIM swapping.
If your target has several authenticators active at once, the hack is next to impossible. Remote, stable multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) bypassing technology does not yet exist as of Jan 2021.

•Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) We physically need the device for at least 7 days and it must have the A700X microchip. The plastic casing will be destroyed.