Price List updated 15.01.2021

Prices are in United States Dollar (USD) but payable in cryptocurrency.
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Mobile Phone Remote Access and Cloning

  • iPhone RA: $500 USD /week
  • Android RA: $400 USD /week
  • SIM Swap (any phone, most countries): $800 USD

Email Account Hacking

  • Gmail Account Hacking: $500 USD
  • Yahoo Account Hacking: $300 USD
  • MSN Account Hacking: $700 USD
  • Yandex Account Hacking: $250 USD
  • Other SMTP Accounts: $500+ USD

Encrypted Application Hacks

  • WhatsApp: Same as RA or SIM swap
  • Signal Messenger: Same as RA or SIM swap
  • Telegram: Same as RA or SIM swap
  • ThreeMa: Same as RA or SIM swap
  • Two Factor Auth: Same as RA or SIM swap

Social Media Hacks or Reset

  • FaceBook Hacking: $550 USD
  • Pinterest Hacking: $450 USD
  • SnapChat Hacking: $425 USD
  • Twitter Hacking: $350 USD
  • YouTube Hacking: $575 USD
  • LinkedIn Hacking: $500 USD
  • WeChat Hacking: $650 USD
  • Instagram Hacking: $525 USD

Other Common Hacks

  • FTP Account Hacking: $750+ USD
  • DDoS Attacks: $150 USD/Hour
  • US/Canada Credit Report Editing: $2500 USD
  • University/College Grades Hack: $1500 USD
  • Gaming Server Hacks: $200+ USD
  • PC / Laptop Hacking: $1000 USD
  • Server Hacking: $2000+ USD
  • Cyber Bully Trace: $250 USD
  • Tor Node Trace: $450 USD

Remote Access (RA) is the process of infecting a device that renders it fully controllable through a specialized website and it's easy-to-use software. Basically, you click instead of swipe and the physical phone reacts accordingly, ignoring all security features.
You would have the ability to view, edit and manipulate the entirety of a phone's files and applications as if you were physically present. Telephone calls and SMS however, are not effected.

SIM Swap is the process of cloning a phone on a cell phone provider level. All calls and SMS are rerouted to the cloned phone. The SIM swapped phone's data can be downloaded however it cannot be edited nor observed in real-time.