2021 hacker prices for hacking services.

Hacker prices are based in United States Dollar, payable in cryptocurrency.

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Results and anonymity guaranteed.

Terms & Conditions

Phone Hacking + Possible 2FA

Encrypted Apps Hacking + Possible 2FA

  • WhatsApp messenger logs: $1500
  • Signal Messenger logs: $2500
  • Telegram account access: $3000

Email Account Password Recovery + Possible 2FA

  • Cloud-based (Gmail, Yandex, MSN, etc): $500
  • Other POP / IMAP: $350 +
  • Microsoft Exchange: $1000 +

Custom made Viruses, RATS & Services

Social Media Hacking + Possible 2FA

  • FaceBook / Instagram account password: $600
  • Pinterest / Snapchat / YouTube password: $500
  • LinkedIn / Twitter account password: $400
  • TicTok account password: $300

Database Hacking

  • Credit Report Editing (US and Canada only): $3000
  • Diplomas, transcripts & grades editing: $2000 +
  • All Windows, Apple and Linux Systems: $1500 +


  • Cryptocurrency recovery: 33% commission Read More
  • DDoS Attacks (minimum 12 hours): $50/hr
  • DEFCON '22 / BH Europe '21 Interviews: RSVP

Two-Factor Authentication Bypass (2FA)


•Remote Access (RV) is a passive Internet-based access to a mobile device whereby you can passively view the device's activities in real-time. You cannot intervene or control the device but you can see and record everything. Hacker prices for remote access are based on a weekly rate of the hacker service.

•SIM Swapping is the process of cloning a phone at the cell phone provider level. All calls and SMS messages are rerouted to a separate device that you control. The cloned device has the ability to read and send telephone calls and SMS messages. SIM swapping hacker services are not available in all countries and hacker prices vary.

•Authenticator Bypass Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an added security measure that requires another form of identification before access is granted. 2FA can be an SMS code or an Email message, push button system or even a special hardware dongle.
We have specialists that can bypass several types of 2FA. Hacker prices for 2FA bypass vary depending on type of 2FA.

•Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) We physically need the device for at least 7 days and it must use the A700X microchip. The plastic casing will be destroyed.

•Custom made premium Viruses, RATS & Services All our products are custom-made to your needs and specifications. We also provide "Pay For Services" malware services that you can rent by the week or month.

•Cryptocurrency Recovery Sadly, the chances of recovering lost or stolen bitcoin or other cryptocurrency is slim. However, it's not impossible and definitely worth the effort. We charge only commission on the recovered amount.