We're are looking for experienced private contractors

As an FaH affiliate, you will be matched with available tasks based on your skill set and geographical location. We guarantee as much work as you can handle. Find a Hacker always guarantees your payment for services rendered.

  • Commission: We pay on a progressive scale starting at 35% commission on all tasks assigned. Multi-person tasks are divided among all involved technicians with a pre-agreed arrangement.
  • Your obligations are to demonstrate the skills necessary to discreetly and effectively complete the tasks presented to you and to respect all security protocols, maintain absolute secrecy and always cover your tracks. The customer's protection is first and foremost! Pentesters and detectives are required to write a full report.
  • Payments: All funds, the initial deposit and the balance are held by us until both you and the customer have fulfilled each other's mutual obligations. Payments are dispersed in Monero within 24 hours.

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If you're a pentester or detective, you must be licensed and certified. In the comments section, tell us your age, country of residence, languages spoken and detailed skill set.

If considered, applicants will receive a progressive test based on the skill set that you've stated.

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