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I'm a software engineer turned handler and one of the original founders of FaH. My goal is to make sure FaH is always running at top performance and customer satisfaction remains the top priority.

Voynik - Handler

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As a network designer I'm used to dealing with people. As a mom, I've got the patience and devotion needed to assess customer needs and provide the right solution. I'm a people person; something hackers are not.

Darla - Handler

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My background was in micro-level phone repair. Later I studied mobile operating system theory and applications. Add those two together and you've got me! A mobile phone remote viewing expert.

Resilient - Mobile Phone Hacker

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My first hack was against ICQ through AOL in the late '90s! So, yeah, I've been at this a while. I admit, SM security has gotten better but still, they're no match for me.

W17CH3R - Social Media Hacker

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I used to be a pentester. I would find and prevent hackers from penetrating systems for the military. But after many years, I decided that if you can't beat them, join them. Now, I work for you.

Zhāngyú - Computer Hacker

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I've always preferred working with SMTP and FTP cracking. When systems turned Cloud-based like Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc; I decided to become one of the best hackers in that field.


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I'm a programmer by trade. I create some of the most beautiful custom viruses available anywhere. Other than polymorphic Viruses, I also write RATs and ransomware and remote viewing clients.

кошелек - Virus Developer

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I specialize in a new Two factor Authentication (2FA) bypassing. It's only been around for three years but already it's everywhere. I'm a pioneer in this area and one of the best. What will they think of next?.

H0TcOsBy - 2FA

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I'm the remote access engineer and webmaster. I run the clear net and dark net websites. I also maintain the remote access and viewing servers that you may be using soon. I also do most of the server hacks that we come across.

W3B573R - Remote Viewing

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© Find A Hacker (FAH) - Common Services.

FaceBook Hacker

Facebook hacking and Instagram hacking are our top customer requested hacks. Our Professional hackers can reset FaceBook and Instagram accounts and get into all the private information inside.

WhatsApp Hacker

WhatsApp hacking & Signal Messenger hacking are very services. Although their innovated encryption poses a challenge, we're one of the few that can still get the job done.

Other platforms

SnapChat, Weibo, Twitter, WeChat, TicToc, QQ, Naver, YouTube, etc. Our professional hackers can access any social media account worldwide. Let us find a hacker for you.

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Gmail Accounts

Gmail, MSN and Yandex are our most popular Cloud-based hacking services.
Not only do they send and receive emails but they also store people personal data. Let us find a professional hacker for you.

Account Recovery

Sometime you need a specialist to recover your own account. Email and social media companies sometimes deny you access to your own property. Let us help you recover your account.

Evidence Discovery

We live in a world where suspicions mean nothing without evidence. This evidence is often hidden on-line. Let us get that needed evidence for you.

server hacking

Mobile Telephone Hacking

We can help you find a hacker that has the skills and equipment to securely and discreetly hack iPhones, Android and all communication devices regardless of security protocols. Contact Us if you need us to hack a cell phone for you.

Remote Viewing

Take advantage of the ability to view and manipulate iPhone and Android devices remotely and in real-time.

GPS Tracking

Our hackers can access and use the GPS tracking feature of any Mobile telephone. Follow your target in real-time

2FA Bypass

Our Professional hackers offer the rare and coveted service of bypassing the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) protocols

SMS and Files

Hackers can access the most intimate and private sectors of most cell phones. Find a hacker to do this for you

Education Records

Our Hackers can edit most college or university records. Either change your grades or scores or edit transcripts.

Credit scores

Our professional hackers can edit Experian, Equifax and TransUnion credit scores in the US and Canada.

Servers and FTP

Find a hacker to access FTP servers or preform prolonged DDoS attacks on a server of your choice.

Icloud Hackers

Most data is backup on the cloud now. Gmail, MSN and many other iCloud servers can be accessed by our professional hackers.

Find a Hacker | Professional hackers

© Find A Hacker (FAH) can find for you trusted, professional hackers that can provide you with fast and exceptional shadow services that give you a commanding edge in your most sensitive personal and business dealings. In complete anonymity and with the highest security, you can use our Professional hackers to help you advance in all domains of your life. Contact Us for a quote today.

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We accept Bitcoin, Etherium and Monero

Safety and discretion dictates that we only accept cryptocurrency.

The video below will show you how you can open a Bitcoin wallet.
Alternatively, you can use a local Bitcoin ATM

Find a Hacker | Hire professional hackers

About Us

© Find a Hacker (FaH) (FaH) was established in 2015 as the Clear Net's first hacker handler service. However, we still operate our original Dark Web website and you can visit it here. To visit any dark web website you must use Tor browser and should use a VPN service.

© Find a Hacker (FaH) is an association of computer engineers that have been around for a long time. We've seen this industry grow; indeed we have been part of that growth. © Find a Hacker (FaH) allows non-technical individuals to interact and negotiate with dark web hackers in a controlled and safe environment.
By handling every aspect of the contract, you are shielded from quality, legal and economic mishaps that are far too common on the dark web. Let © Find a Hacker (FaH) help you find the right hacker for all your discreet technical needs


What is a Hacker Handler?

Handlers, are the middlemen between customers and professional hackers. We broker the hacker - client relationship to guarantee that both sides understand the task at hand, bridge the language barrier and assure that both sides fulfill their mutual obligations.
Handlers, who are software engineers themselves, also supervises the work, verify the results and assure the complete destruction of all administrative paper trails leading back to the customer, as well as the hacker.
A Handler hides your identity, keeps your request private, protects your money and keeps things safe, easy and guaranteed.
Using a hacker handler service is the best way to protect yourself when dealing with dark web hackers and shadow services.
Let us help you Find a Hacker | Hire professional hackers today.

Find a professional hacker

Professional Hackers

A professional hacker by definition is a digital security specialist. They are highly trained to bypass security systems and access the information that is forbidden to anyone without specific security credentials. Facebook and other social media private data, Gmail and other email accounts, even secure messengers like Whatsapp and Signal can be unlocked to you by invoking the services of a these coveted individuals.

find a hacker | hire professional hackers

Hire a Hacker | Find Professional Hackers

© Hire a Hacker services will walk you through and supervise the entire process of finding, hiring, explaining, negotiating and paying dark web hackers.
Since we are the middleman, you never directly interact with the hacker, neither administratively or financially; there is no link tracing back to you.
This offers you with a layer of protection shielding you against any law enforcement, the target themselves and yes, even the dark web hacker who never knows the identity of the original customer. Working through a handler is the safest way to hire any shadow work today.
Rest assured, that as our customer, you will always be in complete security and remain absolutely anonymous. We assure that the job is completed on time and correctly, the funds are smoothly transfered and everything is executed just the way originally agreed upon.


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